Artificial Intelligence op kantoor. Toekomstdromen of werkelijkheid?

Artificial Intelligence in the office. Future dreams or reality?

Artificial Intelligence in the office can be seen a lot in tools related to smart online meetings: microphones and speakers, online sensors, touchscreens and digital whiteboards.

The smart software that these meeting tools use can analyze all kinds of data smartly and quickly. This makes (online) meetings even easier.

For example, the AI applications in Google Hangouts, Microsoft’s Teams, and the lesser-known Zoom are automatically linked with presence detection, so that it is immediately clear who is present at a meeting (physically & digital). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Smart AI systems can do much more so that meetings will never be what it was again. Meeting with AI also means recognizing voices, software that automatically notes calls and also assigns the set action points directly to the participants’ tasks list.

If that doesn’t save time?

The digital secretary

Other applications of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace are: is a handy meeting tool that works with Cortana, Office 365, Outlook, or Google calendar. Because Cortana already knows which meeting times you prefer, it searches with the help of you find the most appropriate dates and times to meet.

Adobe Scan

Never line up in the copy box for receipts and scan documents again?

Adobe Scan makes scanning documents a lot easier. The smartphone app effortlessly captures multi-page forms, notes, and reports. Also receipts, business cards – and even notes on a whiteboard ! – converted to a digital document in the cloud. The app removes shadows and automatically detects edges, so the result is beautiful and readable.

Healthy Workers

Healthy Workers measures all sorts of different factors within the work environment that affect your health (light, sound, CO2 in the air, temperature, humidity) and thus comes to data-driven insights and effective improvements.

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