De moderne IT-werkplek als abonnement

Renew IT without worries? Now lease a modern IT workplace with subsidy from the European Investment Bank!

Did you notice? In the street scene we see more and more bicycles with blue front tire. It’s the modern Swapfiets.

You pay an amount per month and you not only have a bike at your disposal but you are also completely taken care of. Maintenance, repair of your flat tire, replacement in case of theft? It’s all included in the price

Actually, you lease your bike, with everything that comes to look at maintenance.

In IT too, we see the trend increasingly being secluded – especially among SMEs. Small and medium-sized enterprises do not want to invest large sums in IT hardware and software. Not only are investments often too large – licensing and techniques often renew so quickly that large investments need to be depreciated again in no time.

Still innovating

Many SMEs want to renew their IT, but they are poking at the cost.

That is why the European Investment Bank (IEB) now actively supports SMEs.

Through the scheme, SMEs can now receive a direct discount of 1.2 on leasing a new digital IT workplace. The scheme has been valid from 1 workplace but can also be scalable up to 250 workplaces.

The advantages of leasing:

No big cost all of a sudden: cash flow retention

  • Pay in fixed terms
  • Up-to-date equipment, guarantees such as when purchased
  • Investing in IT outside the budget cycle to

Decarized with CloudConnected IT lease

CloudConnected guides companies in to create an IT workplace lease subscription. Among other things, you can contact us to lease:

  • Your IT workplace (a desktop, laptop, display)
  • Common IT features (a presentation room, a printer)
  • A network (WiFi, a router)

A CloudConnected lease subscription includes warranty and unlimited helpdesk service.

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