Lijnbewaking, 4G backup en totaalontzorging voor Rituals Haarlem

A glimpse into the kitchen: line monitoring, 4G backup and Total care for Rituals Haarlem

A stable and secure Internet connection is important for every modern organisation and therefore also for Rituals Haarlem. Rituals customers should always be able to pin and WiFi should be available at any time in the store – and all in a safe way.

That’s why we ensure that all sorts of Internet threats are automatically kept against, even before they can reach the store. With our online line monitoring We also constantly check whether the Internet connection at the location is working properly. If there is a malfunction, it will automatically Switch to 4g and we will work immediately to fix the malfunction as soon as possible. Also in the night or on weekends.

Remote security 24/7

Store security is also increasingly an IT affair. Think of online alarm or fire detection systems. With 24/7 Alarm From cloudconnected, a notification will immediately look at the cameras in the store. The employees of the emergency room can see directly whether there is really anything going on – and when needed, the images live to the police. At the same time, the contacts of Rituals Haarlem are also directly informed via a push message to their mobile phone, so that they themselves are also aware of a calamity.

Modern workplace

Despite the digitisation, Rituals Haarlem does not always escape paper. Sometimes the store needs to be converted, a new shelf plan is needed, or a reorder list needs to be printed. That’s why we’ve designed a modern back office workplace with CloudConnected with a reliable HP multifunction that keeps track of when print cartridges get empty. The delivery of new cartridges is therefore fully automated and old cartridges return back and are recycled. Faults with the printer are also remotely monitored and resolved and otherwise by a mechanic who comes to the shop.

Everything on time, everyone informed

When we were approached by Rituals Haarlem to get the IT infrastructure in order for the largest establishment in the world , we immediately took the lead in providing all the necessary services. Because it was necessary to switch quickly with all stakeholders, we made direct contact with the contractor and the internal Rituals departments that were involved.

Because we at CloudConnected also work for other retailers we were already familiar with the contractor of Rituals Haarlem and within no time there was a complete plan, all parties were informed and all had the information needed.

CloudConnected customers often call our clear and fast communication as an advantage.

We have one point of contact if a malfunction occurs – and customers are also informed directly via our 24/7 Service App.


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