Loop geen omzet mis door traag internet met Internet Backup

Why Internet Backup?

Without the Internet, your business is silent and in some situations it can cause serious problems. For example, because your customers suddenly cannot pin.

Do you never want to be without a stable internet connection? Then Internet Backup via 4G is the solution.

Troubleshoot connection problems directly

With Internet Backup – a new solution from CloudConnected – the Internet line and your organization’s router are monitored 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

If any of these elements fail, the fast 4G network will be switched on automatically. If there is a problem, it is often also readily understandable, so that any interference can be remedied immediately.

Your customers do not have to have anything. Everything is quickly and professionally solved behind the scenes. This way you keep the professionalism of your business high and your customers satisfied.

Besides that Internet Backup can detect and fix problems faster, it also provides insight into the quality of your Internet connection. If it turns out that it’s actually overcrowded, making systems work slower, you might want to use a better bandwidth as a company.

Do not miss a turnover due to slow internet

A good working Internet connection provides more than you think. Several studies show that employees are severely frustrated by a poor internet connection.

Internal effects of a bad Internet connection are, for example, that sending an email fails, VoIP communication stutters or browsing runs very slowly. Slow internet means a lot of productivity loss from your employees. But also externally, things like accessibility and responsiveness are at stake if an Internet connection is too slow. That’s not how you want to book with customers.

In the current economic climate in which rapid response and progress in the competition is more important than ever before, a poor internet connection can even make a company miss a business.

With CloudConnected we offer a number of interesting solutions for outsourcing the management of your Internet and network.

Do you know more about this?

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