De branchegerichte Microsoft 365 werkplek van CloudConnected

CloudConnected’s industry-focused Microsoft 365 workplace. Do you already have one?

Collaborate effectively in the cloud everywhere without worrying about security, management and IT compliancy. From now on, it can be with the CloudConnected workplace – a Microsoft 365 based work profile, which we maintain and manage for our customers.

From our expertise in IT, telecom and security, we have developed smart, managed workplaces, where optimal connectivity, convenience and security are the main starting points, so that customers can always and everywhere at their workplace.

The cloudconnected workplace is taking off from 1 workplace – but Upscaler to hundreds of workstations is also possible. This is because we develop and maintain our Microsoft 365 work profiles.

The MKB’er and even the self-Employed can benefit from the Cloud scalability without having to bear all the costs.

Not for nothing that one of our customers recently dropped out: “Just like tap water or electricity, we only pay for the IT we consume.”

Easily meet industry standards

The self-provisioning and maintenance of online workplaces is normally a complex and time-consuming task. But when you work in a sector where specific standards are also used when it comes to IT, there is also a lot of expertise needed.

We take this expensive and time-consuming management out of our hands with our standardized and industry-related workplaces.

Together with our clients from the care, financial and legal services, we have created a number of standardized Microsoft 365 work profiles that correspond exactly to the working processes and regulations within these sectors.

Is it safe then?

The important question that must always be asked is of course: What about the safety? It still remains the cloud!

Because we work with so many companies at CloudConnected that they simply cannot afford to take risks with their data and customer data, our customization Microsoft 365 workspace meets the strictest requirements that apply to the legal and financial services.

Together with our customers we have designed our workplaces so that they can be easily integrated with the practical software and comply with all GDPR requirements.

When specific requirements are put in place within a specific sector on safe online workplaces, such as for example within the mouth care, we ensure that Our Own cloudconnected workplace falls within the legal guidelines, in this Specific case the NEN-7510.

Do you not work in healthcare, or in financial and legal services? No problem!

We look forward to working with you on what is needed to develop a good standardized managed workplace that fits your needs.

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Install yourself thanks to Windows autopilot

The advantage of our managed and industry-related workplaces is that our end customer only needs to get the computer out of the box, start it and enter the correct email address and password.

This suit-out-and-go! Principle is possible thanks to the Windows autopilot.

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