Online samenwerken met andere bedrijven alleen iets voor grote bedrijven? Absoluut niet! Wij hebben een oplossing. Benieuwd? Lees het hier.

Easily collaborate online with other companies and partners

As an organisation you regularly collaborate with various external parties. The information within such a collaboration often goes back and forth in e-mails and loose files.

This can cause a lot of frustration: files that get lost, or go around in different versions. Unfindable emails and lots of unnecessary contact to schedule one meeting.


Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams all these problems are past time. In This online collaborative environment you can save, edit, find and schedule everything around a project or customer.

You can add team members from within, but also outside your organization and collaborate on documents, online meetings, share minutes, easily schedule a new appointment. And everything is gathered in a central place.

In short, Microsoft Teams saves you a lot of time, errors and frustration. Working together is really fun!

How does it work?

The big advantage of Microsoft Teams is that not everyone necessarily has to have a Teams account. When you use Office 365 as an organization, Teams are automatically integrated into it.

Other people with a Gmail or Hotmail account (colleague or not) can also use the chat feature for free. Anyone who is part of your organization can also add people to the program.

In the chat function of Teams you can also share files with colleagues who need to provide feedback, for example on a press release written by an external party. This whole process is easily streamlined into a chat channel within Teams.

Why then?

Teams is the solution for companies that want to work together more efficiently, easily and more easily. A central environment, in which there is a search function, with which you can easily find out all the necessary information-and, for example, also quickly schedule meetings.

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